We are up we are down

There was not quite enough wind today to fully exploit this beast but when it did blow wham

Fish tank fix

It might be over the top, but it is the only way I can work out in to hold the braces in place without clamping them. They can not be clamped in to place as the silicon (special stuff) offer to be between the glass and a clamp would push this all out.

100 runs\500km done

Well not the best of starts to the day, but at least I have managed to complete my 100th run completing 500km

Fish tank fun

We have come down this morning to what atle of been a lot worse. The cross bracing at the top of my fish tank has come off! Quick call to Joe confirmed what I had to do, number one being get a clamp in place to reduce the pressure on the glass

Spanked by the kite

As you can see by the skid marks, I was pulled around quite a lot by this little :-) so I an thankful that I have kite killers with my larger kite

Pass the Pansh

It is yet another kite! But this one is on loan. After I have flown it I then sign it and send it on. This one is a 2m Pansh ace but the wind was poor :)

Christmas lights

Well spent the afternoon getting the lights up at last. Not as many as last year and some are getting in need of replacing

AMD The smarter choice

Thats one cool jacket, many thanks for this AMD

New fish

Ok not very exciting but we got some new fish at last. To be honest we still need more to get the tank buzzing again


This jogging lark is getting harder again now in the winter. I think the cold is getting to me more as my fitness has improved, and I'm not getting enough heat in my body. However I am really trying to see if I can brake the 500KM mark by the end of this year, only 36km to go so I really hope to make it! I've also updated my nike mini on the right hand side :)

View from her bed

Not much to say, but this is the they from where her bed will be.

Room make over

Poppy moved into our room after the extension on the house. It really needs decorating, but for now we have removed the dressing table and her bed will fit in. We got the new room furniture on ebay for £10. Result, one very happy girl!

All things nerd

Big thanks to a new contact I made at church last Sunday, for my free gifts. I will year them with pride :)

My Microlight flight

Short video from inside the microlight.

Pic from my microlight

Thought I'd see if I can blog from the air! At about 1000ft and the answer is yes, vid to come!

Kite killers

Many thanks to the gentleman who sent of these from one of my kite forums. Basically they in around my wrists and attach to the break lines on the kite. If the kite pulls too hard, or You lose control, simply let go of the handles and the break line is instantly engaged. This way you do not lose your kite, or break any bones


Not really an interesting blog, but our new Tools'4'Tape product is starting slower than we hoped. having contacted around 30 companies in respect to getting affiliates signed up and traffic to the site, the response has been one person! When you spend a day trying to find quality sites and working on this, it's a tad disappointing :(

Still chin up and bash on!

xmas present

This is my newest kite :) but alas I can not fly her till xmas as it is my xmas present. Bought second hand via one of my kite forums

Halloween Special

Filming and production of our new short home movie is now available. Hi-def versions available at only £99.99 - get it while stocks last (or simply watch this one!)

Happy halloween

Well done the pumpkin with the kids, time for a scary movie

Green screen time

He you have not already seen, we have a couple of films we made as a family. Well we have now started our third production and this time we are being a bit different :)

It's snowing

We have had a very mild autumn so far, but shock and horror it is snowing tonight!

Mat-Moo :-) ?

For my Blogging fans (hi Val) you may of noticed that I have changed my name from Mat-d-rat to Mat-Moo. Why? I hear you ask... well after 10 odd years I decided it was time for change :)

the pic is of rosie, who is down in the dumps at the moment with a cold

Clean tank

Been a while, but yesterday my fish tank got a complete clean. Wow it looks so much better

Our new htpc

HTPC home theatre pc. This will eventually become our entertainment hub for films and games. Bought for £130 delivered which was a bit of a bargain! Things to do on this will include replacing the dvd drive with a blue ray drive and them he needed upgrade the cpu and memory

Poppy has got glasses

Poppy has got new glasses just to year when the teacher is working on the white board

Kung fu Josh

Josh has been doing Judo for the last few weeks and really enjoying it. Today he got his outfit for lessons (on loan)

Worlds largest noughts and crosses

Well almost anyway. But whilst washing up, I looked up at the sky and thought how amazing this looked. Was not able to connect to post last night so :)

Shower work

Wig a new shower purchased, we are now keen to finish the shower area. We have a plan at last, and first thing was to finish the tiling.

Bargain shower unit

Our ensuite has been lacking a shower since completion. We spotted this one at a car boot sale and managed to get it for £15. Probably not what we would of chosen by choice, but cheap enough to make up happy.

Manged a 10KM run today!

Phone won't post a plog today (although it's only another pic of me), so I'm writing this direct in to my blog. But I managed a new distance record of just over 10KM today in 55 mins 31 secs so rather pleased at that!

I'm also on the verge of releasing our new Tape application "Tools'4'Tape" at www.tools4tape.com and have got another idea for a website that I will be doing with my friend Alex (watch this space!).

Happy birthday Emma

After a long days shopping a good meal to finish

It is too much

Jon decides this one is too much

Thank you freecycle

Thanks to Sunny on my local freecycle Josh has now got a bike that is a much better size for him (if anything too big)

Drowned rat

Well it had to happen! Started my log and it looked ok, but then .5km into it, it started to pour. Thankfully it stopped pretty much till I had done another km! So here I am now drenched.

Powerkite flying video

To add to the photos, here is a short vid (all done on the phone, so sorry about the quality)

Powerkite flying

Me flying my kite on a very windy day. This is my second new power kite I bought, 2.25x0.75cm with 220lb line

Another new kite

Josh bought himself a new shark kite. It is almost 3m in length and me course there is on wind today !

London from Lightwater

Decided to in for a nature walk today at Lightwater. Never new we could see London from here!

Caterpilla chaos

Our brussel sprouts have been over run with caterpillars. So many that we gave up and let nature take its course.

What a week

Well this week has just been hell. My server in the US was hacked which has basically cost me the week of work :(
One of the websites I was worried about was the Augier.info and my photo website so they have both been updated today along almost all my websites.


So I put her in the chicken coop to roost

Boys night out

Here is my mate Steve totally stuffed and wanted a starter (which he didn't get!)

Puppa smurf

Remember these guys? What do you think of my impression

Son of cucumber

You thought my first one was big. Look at the size of this beauty

Nice indoor play zone

For the kids and at least we get to sit down for a coffee

Holiday is a wash out

The weather is mostly rain and high winds. In fact it has been so bad that people are giving up and going home. Tents and caravan awnings are being blown down and some people have just chucked them in the bin 8-(

I'm melting... ok moulting

Poor old spec has started to moult and looks as though she is looking pretty miserable. Still she will get even worse yet!


All of up out bowling today, even Rosie is knocking down pins

Lets go fly a kite

as we are off on hols in a couple of days, I decided to buy myself a new kite to play with. This is a small 1.2m power kite to learn with. If I can get the hang of it, I will upgrade to a larger one.

Hmm food

Food was pretty good as well, can not remember the name of the place though.

Alex in the flesh

I told you Emma, he is not an imaginary friend

Happy birthday Poppy

Wanted macyd for lunch, no taste there kids.