Heat at last

As it is so got today (a bit of summer at last) I just can not be bothered to do anything. So decided that getting yet doing the jumping jets is a fine idea. Version 2 is a much nicer jet now, but still not a constant stream. I also think that having two is going to be more difficult due to the new size.

Hair cut

Rosie loves having her hair cut, and wants it to be but longer. Yes I had mind cut too! but it is still long

Nice plane

Crap landing! Lady next to of grabbed the seat real hard as we hit the ground with some force. Rating 5/10 but some would say that any landing you walk away from is a good landing

Broken down

Well the damn plane is out of action. So our flight was delayed around 4 hours

Over the wing

Even though we where almost last on the plane, we got 3 seats over the wing/emergency exit. On top of that the seats are all leather and it all smells new. Thumbs up ryan air

Standstead airport

Flying owes to Germany this morning to see our friends Fuji. Set off at 5am - ouch

Air the tent

Getting to that time of the year again. So the tent is out and up to check... just as well as it is pretty damn dirty. This is because last year we where pitched under pigeon tree, and it got covered in, well you know!

I have been showing off the size of my cucumber

Oh don't be so rude. This is one of a couple of cucumbers that are currently growing in our mini greenhouse.

Fixing the car

Rosies bbq door had managed to get stuck in the locked position. This has happened before, only about 6 months ago. One of the wires at the join broke. It had done the same this time, so I hope this repair lasts longer.

Another one

Of our fantastic statue

Better night garden

It is such a nice evening that I decided to do a bit of a they up in the garage. When I came out I noticed the garden lights on, so thought I'd take a better photo for you. :-)

Slow afternoon on the kit car

We had a short shower after lunch, and I was sure the afternoon was going to be nice. But it has been almost constant rain, meaning that I have managed to drill a wopping 6 holes. Getting a tad fed up with this summer weather so far!


Even I joined in with the fun.

Rosie and her first carnival

This year her playgroup entered the North Camp carnival again. The theme was "magnificent men and their flying machines". Pandas went as there own airline - and WON for the third year running.

Vulcan bomber

This was one of my favourite planes as a lad, so to see it again at the Farnborough Airshow 2008 is just fantastic! As you can see from the video clip it flew right over our house as well! Was even worth standing out in the rain to watch (oh please come back summer!)

Farnborough airshow

The Farnborough airshow starts next week, so the flight practices start this week. So it is going to start getting noisey around here.

Freeze glass

I entered a daily draw last month to win a freeze glass. Not had anything son them, but today this turned up - woohoo

Horses getting bored

Army main arena running late

Army show

Got tickets for the army show today, so we popped owes to have a look