Here to broadcast

Drive time show 4 till 7 and light switch on

Bonfire night

Getting rid of the old wood :)

VueJS London

#vue_london learning a lot today!

Stunning night

Zoom in to see all.the stars


Bit of night time phone camera fun

Breakfast on the balcony

Looks like the bad weather has broken now

Eden project

Bit of a trek! But worth it i hope

Farnborough air show

Harrier jump jet from Spain as we dont seem to have any!!


Couldn't find a bigger flag

Summer days

Just out the pool, glorious day!

First ever garlic

Grown from elephant garlic from the isle of Wight last year ;)

Sunset at hawley lake

Saw it pop out for the day and go back away :) 

Sunrise longest daylight hours

Just back from picking up dad from airport!!

Royal bbq

With some king Edward potatoes 

Totem pole

Will it fit in my garden??

Happy star wars day

May the forth be with you. My latest 3d print with a bit of paint :)

Nice ride

Fleet Basingstoke canal

To hot too run

Didn't get out Thursday so went this morning for a short one..already warming up though