At the panto

Emma is just managing to not cough too much and we are all enjoying Cinderella

18 for dinner

Going good so far, fighting starts later

Xmas settings

Setting up for Xmas dinner, but no Emma :(


So we adults made an igloo as the kids buggered off 1/2 way through. But against all odds we managed to finish. LOL

Burning some logs

Been collecting logs over the summer, and they do look better than coal when they burn. Anyway keeping us nice and warm

Poppy has won

A whole stack of jelly beans

Snow day

Having an hour with the kids

Trains still running

Although they are running late! But still trying to get in

At work

Some people think I bum around basingstoke all day... well here is my desk :p

Decorating set back

Had a couple of patches on this last wall where the plaster has come off :( more time required now

3 walls done

One to go, woohoo. Did everything I set out to do this weekend, so pretty happy. Just very tired!

Kate bday meal

Having a meal with Kate and friends

The journey home

At least It's faster with my bike :)


Had the wallpaper for 3 months plus, so promised to start decorating this weekend.. and I have

Bonfire night

Got our wood stored from a couple of weeks ago nice and dry and burning well

Josh hair cut

Almost looks like q different person, can't get used to his new short hair.... but he never brushed it when it was long and always messy

View from the conference room

where I am eating lunch during my interview. Toys'r'us is just behind the fire station

Wagamama preview

Popped over to Camberley for a free Meal at the opening of wagamama

Garden done

Been gardening just finished and it started to rain! Bad news is that we have another mole, so traps set. Maybe I should collect them for a mole skin coat for Emma as an Christmas present

Spec is moulting

Not the best time if the year for her to moult, silly bird! Quite funny watching her run though as a stream of feathers follows her. Might have to knit her a jumper if it gets any colder.

Banana madness

This banana tree had all but died 2 years ago. Today   it has been bought back in after another summer outside. And now there is three of them, really they need to go in a bigger pot, and could well be left out again next winter (but covered)

Kite boarding

Got to try out the board today. Didn't go far but didn't get hurt either

Lub my big screen

My uncle would have loved this Rip Geoff

Clay pigeon shooting


Did some clay pigeon shooting today with Adam down at Marwell, first time I've ever shot a gun, yet alone held one (Apart from an air rifle). Didn't do too badly, and was a good experience!
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Emmas bday dinner

Emma enjoying all you can eat Chinese


Come for a quick thrashing by Troy at a bit of 10th pin

My first Ukulele

Got my first Ukulele yesterday, it's a Makala dolphin by kalaukulele. Not a bad sounding instrument, could do with a string upgrade to make it sound fuller. In 24 hours I have learn a couple or chords and ain't twinkle twinkle little star with Rosie, so not bad after 1 day. Would be nice to be able to play a few songs by Christmas.

Good luck Poppy

Starting All Hallows secondary school today

Emma kiting

Bank holiday Monday afternoon and we have come over to fly some Kites

Good luck Si

Turning around  and letting Si continue on.

Simons run

Following si on his 21m run

New door

Still needs some adjustment but the new door is now in and sealed. On top of that, we have a new doorbell with colour camera and voice which we got for 25 in b&q

New address

My blog has moved to a new address of oh yea my own domain

Hope it stays like this

For packing up, as everything is nice and dry

Ice cream

But only when I am frightened. Rosie enjoying agrees after eating a reasonable meal

Still sleeping

Almost 12 hours later and little Rosie is still asleep

Rainbow Rosie

Just noticed this from the campsite

Enjoying the sun

Down at seaton after being bored at a donkey sanctuary

Desperate times

Day 6 in the tent and food is getting scarce. As such we have decided to eat the kids toys, starting with a yummy owl

As the auzzies say

Put another shrimp on the barbie

Kite surfing

Quite a few kite surfers

Typical summer

In the beach wrapped up in winter gear and it's raining


At cafe Augier. Bacon and egg sarnies for brekky

Emma getting naked

Ad she runs down (on her own) to the beach