We are up we are down

There was not quite enough wind today to fully exploit this beast but when it did blow wham

Fish tank fix

It might be over the top, but it is the only way I can work out in to hold the braces in place without clamping them. They can not be clamped in to place as the silicon (special stuff) offer to be between the glass and a clamp would push this all out.

100 runs\500km done

Well not the best of starts to the day, but at least I have managed to complete my 100th run completing 500km

Fish tank fun

We have come down this morning to what atle of been a lot worse. The cross bracing at the top of my fish tank has come off! Quick call to Joe confirmed what I had to do, number one being get a clamp in place to reduce the pressure on the glass

Spanked by the kite

As you can see by the skid marks, I was pulled around quite a lot by this little :-) so I an thankful that I have kite killers with my larger kite

Pass the Pansh

It is yet another kite! But this one is on loan. After I have flown it I then sign it and send it on. This one is a 2m Pansh ace but the wind was poor :)

Christmas lights

Well spent the afternoon getting the lights up at last. Not as many as last year and some are getting in need of replacing

AMD The smarter choice

Thats one cool jacket, many thanks for this AMD

New fish

Ok not very exciting but we got some new fish at last. To be honest we still need more to get the tank buzzing again