Josh and his yellow belt

Josh has today progressed to a yellow belt in Judo and is really pleased.

Flipping mole

We are being terrorised by a mole again, so i've set up some traps for the little bugger!

She lives

Since the engine went in, i've always had issues with it starting. After swapping the ignition coil from balast to regular she is now starting 100x better. This has got me wanting to work on her again, It's just a shame I don't have the cash:)

Me smoke peace pipe

Emma has been coughing violently the last couple of days. After seeing the doctor she now has a huge pile of medicine!


Day out with the kids because Poppy really enjoyed it here

Mighty mig

Picked this up off another freecycle guy yesterday. I hope I can get it back to full strength using parts from my dead welder

Happy valentines day

I do hope she likes love hearts!

decapitated snow man

This is what happens when the snow melts and their heads fall off.

Snow rabbits?

Well the kids have had a load of fun today, sledging, clearing and making an entire orphanage of snow people.

Our snowman

Me and Joshua worked very hard on this :) Josh had lots of good ideas with it as well.

That name again is mr.plough

Can't remember the last time I saw a snow plough on our roads!

Still snowing

Picture for Alex of our snow

Proper snow

At last, 1st time in 6 years we have had some proper snow:)