Emma's dodgy finger

She took Poppy to ballet but when she got back one finger was numb and white. Plenty of hand exercising sorted it out


Went to watch Farnborough FC play on Saturday, they won 2-1 against Tiverton - WOOT. Although it was sooo COLD!

RIP Coral :(

She has been abit down the last few days and we had her booked in on Wednesday for the vets, but today seems too late and she was put to sleep :( RIP Coral, we will miss your eggs!


At last I have the components needed to finish my new pc

Chocolate piggy

Michelle having small afters

New computer

Can't finish building but my new pc is finally being built

Clearing the school car park

Anything to get the kids back to school

Snow slide

wee wee wee

Snow far

Some bottles of bud to show how deep it is at the moment, and it's still snowing

Winter wonderland

Been snowing all night and still due more today

Happy birthday

Wow managed to get to 40