Fixing disco lights

Got some cool lights for my party but needed to replace the mirror motor in them

Little angel


Where to put?

We have been pondering for a while about where to put our aquarium. So after a minor repair some while back we have decided to try it on the sideboard (Extra supports at the bottom )

Visiting Father Christmas

And one of the first to see him at Farnborough


HaHa, got her

Just waiting

The surround is now in place and we are just waiting for the glue to dry at the bottom left as it was twisted out. Even got the coal bucket in place, which looks fab and was a 10th wedding anniversary present.

More fireplace

We bought a basic basket and some coal today. Also i've now made the inside edge finish out of aluminum. The only issue now is the surround is slightly warped, which is going to make fitting it a pain.

New cabling

Managed (with some help) to get a new hdmi cable in for the projector. Picture looks FAB now, and so much sharper/clearer than on component cables. Guess it is a 10m cable run!

Fire surround

Sanded and varnished almost ready to fit

DDR monkey

She loves a bit of dancing

Bonfire and Fireworks


Had a great time with my sisters and kids, food, fire, fireworks, sparklers, and rockband. No one wanted to go home!