Rock chick

Well kind of :)


leon birthday party

Annie :)

She may of deleted the photo off my phone but it's still here!!!

Fresh corn

Picked from the garden

Car shades

Our new Printfetti car sunshades have arrived

Totem pole

Giant totem pole at alice holt


Fishing in the woods

Alice holt

Come for a picnic with all the pains

Chimney sweep

Everything looking ok so far for our fireplace


Getting on today with the lounge :)


Not as good as mind though

Cool eggcup

First use today but isn't it cool

Weymouth Sealife

Spending the afternoon at the Sealife centre

Weymouth beach

Very busy and the sun has come out again

The campsite

Got here ok, took a walk through a field down to the sea

Car cleaning

And application of new Printfetti sticker

Pc unit

Made this out of the old fish tank unit, to put the pc in next to the tv

Sticky border removal

Trying to get on in the lounge but removing the old border is proving to be a horrible job

Josh kite flying

After a modification of this kite it is now flying much better, as can be seen in the photo. Ok sorry about having to rotate your head.


We have made some minor progress on the lounge decorating

Cake toppers

Today we made the chocolate cake toppers for Poppy's cake