New hair cut

Everyone has moaned about my hair being too long recently, so today I've had it but aka Sir Richard Branson style (need to grow my fringe a bit )

Garden furniture

Due to the fact that we never cover the furniture, it has taken a bit of a beating. So this year of cpu stripping and painting it again. Sanding it is a time consuming and hand vibrating task.

Rosie riding her bike

This is the first time that Rosie has shown an interest in riding. But she already got the idea of it, and is a happy bunny.

New chickens

As a Christmas present (tad later than planned), Emma and myself gave both our Mums vouchers for a chicken to come and live with ours. On Saturday we went and got them, so I present Hetti (back) and Beryl.

Printfetti - Your photos on confetti

Myself and Emma are proud to present "Printfetti - your photos on confetti".

Printfetti is the perfect way to enhance and embellish the tables at parties, weddings, anniversaries or any special occasion. Upload your pictures and we put it onto confetti for you. Then all you do is sprinkle it onto the table! Printfetti comes in a variety of shapes: circles, stars, hearts and diamonds with prices start at £14.99 for 250. When you need confetti checkout


So we added a new shelf to Emma's desk, made out of scrap wood

Hairy exhaust

Emma ran over a horse :) not really! The baffling inside has started to come out. Luckily the exhaust is on month 32 of a 36 month warantee. So Kwif-fit replaced it for free, thanks! Woot