Happy anniversary babes

11 glorious (cough) years :) Check out the awesome boquet of flowers from http://www.BalloonBaboon.co.uk which look FANTASTIC!
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Coconut shy

I missed so did josh

Cove fun day

Face painting

What a poser

But it works for her, doesn't it! Had a great day yesterday, and while we where out for a walk with the kids (And Marcus/Sharon/Family), managed to get this shot of Emma :)

It fits

as long as you do not want to get out with cars parked next to you

Flying without wings

Took the little 3.5m kite out today, winds between 20-30mph roughly... got a bit scary I have to say! :)

Our new camera

Spotted this yesterday on Twitter @Printfetti A argos clearance deal on ebay for £65 delivered next day. Not the spec we wanted but beggars can't be choosers

My big fat car

This is our hire car while the espace gets fixed


My phone has decided to work again with the blog!!!


We are already eating our greens that we are growing now, and the tomato plants are getting so big we need to respace the shelves around!

The smallest egg

The new chickens have started to lay eggs, a bit small at first but getting better :)

Printfetti leaflets

The Printfetti leaflets arrived, they look FAB! To brighten up any celebration use our custom made photo confetti on your tables!

Things that go bump

Emma had a bit of bad luck the other day, she got bumped from behind :( The damage almost looks like nothing, but we can't open the boot :( so we have to claim and get it repaired.


I'm having problems posting plogs from my phone to my account :( I keep getting 503 error messages and just can't post. So sorry! Working on it, lots to post.

Printfetti, your photos on confetti - Press release

Please take a second to read our press release at http://www.prlog.org/10227591.html