This jogging lark is getting harder again now in the winter. I think the cold is getting to me more as my fitness has improved, and I'm not getting enough heat in my body. However I am really trying to see if I can brake the 500KM mark by the end of this year, only 36km to go so I really hope to make it! I've also updated my nike mini on the right hand side :)

View from her bed

Not much to say, but this is the they from where her bed will be.

Room make over

Poppy moved into our room after the extension on the house. It really needs decorating, but for now we have removed the dressing table and her bed will fit in. We got the new room furniture on ebay for £10. Result, one very happy girl!

All things nerd

Big thanks to a new contact I made at church last Sunday, for my free gifts. I will year them with pride :)

My Microlight flight

Short video from inside the microlight.

Pic from my microlight

Thought I'd see if I can blog from the air! At about 1000ft and the answer is yes, vid to come!

Kite killers

Many thanks to the gentleman who sent of these from one of my kite forums. Basically they in around my wrists and attach to the break lines on the kite. If the kite pulls too hard, or You lose control, simply let go of the handles and the break line is instantly engaged. This way you do not lose your kite, or break any bones


Not really an interesting blog, but our new Tools'4'Tape product is starting slower than we hoped. having contacted around 30 companies in respect to getting affiliates signed up and traffic to the site, the response has been one person! When you spend a day trying to find quality sites and working on this, it's a tad disappointing :(

Still chin up and bash on!

xmas present

This is my newest kite :) but alas I can not fly her till xmas as it is my xmas present. Bought second hand via one of my kite forums

Halloween Special

Filming and production of our new short home movie is now available. Hi-def versions available at only £99.99 - get it while stocks last (or simply watch this one!)