Hair cut

Bit shorter now, but don't worry, Rosie didn't do it.

Flipping mole

We have had a couple of years without molds now, but now they are back, bigger than ever.


One of my favourite shops full of Indian delights! Over spent as usual

I am now on facebook

As my family keeps moaning that I am not on facebook! However I have picked up on a few vouchers for free advertising on there, so took advantage to get some email remind advert out. I hope as well that I have linked up this blog with my facebook account to keep them both up to date.

E-Mail Remind

Over the Christmas/New year period, while feasting and having fun, I have also been working really hard on a new website for E-Mail Remind, my companies free reminders by email service. E-Mail remind is now 9 years old, and the website has been rewritten by an Indian firm from ASP to PHP and made a terrible job of it. Since then it has never worked correctly and has quietly died in the background of other projects.

However I have found a PHP framework called CodeIgnitor which has made developing websites much easier, and more fun! In fact I'm having so much fun, that I've been adding a host of new things to the site and can't stop myself adding more!

Still you can see it in it's new glory at

New mini laptop (netbook)

As being chained to my desk 24/7 is becoming a bit of a drag, this little beast should allow me to work in the lounge and other places :)

Shower shower on the wall

At last it's done I thank you all.

Pink pussy

It is Rosies birthday tomorrow and all she wants is a cake in the shape of a cat, which of course must be pink. Well it is not perfect, but it is th best I can do

New shower

So, ok, it is not much of a picture! But our old shower had given up the ghost, so this new one has been installed to service both showers. Everything is working well, only need to connect up our bathroom shower now. (damn t9)

Cool helmet

Well I got a bike and needed a helmet, so here we go! Wanted something a bit more generic than a bike helmet for maybe a bit of kite boarding :)

Birthday boy

Due to Rosie sleeping in and school stop etc, I've not had any presents yet today... except my bike!

Snow day, yesterday

We had the first snow of the year yesterday, but I could not get my blog to work. It was also the first day back at school for all the kids. However as Emma is still ill, it meant me getting up early and sorting them all out

Dino-J made a dinosaur

Father christmas got Josh this lego dinosaur for christmas. He a happy boy! Have a great new year!