I'm superman

Rosie using her new tattoo kit!

Hamper prize

Won first prize in a draw, not bad selection for £3 :)

New tv

Lg 50" 3d down to £450. Yea! Old tv to dump now!

Xmas tree

Looks even better with the lights off

Good evenings work

Curry and poppadoms! Thanks to thespicery for their awesome kits!

Sunset at the airfield

Whilst running lovely view

Santa 10km run

Numbers in, need to collect suit now

Front garden progess

Doesn't feel much but getting there... And got back ache now!

Bonfire night

Hot dogs, fireworks, fire and marshmallows;)

New pedals

Wellgo... More like well gay with that logo!

Led grid 2

16 x 16 ordered more less to build this second one, and by keeping in strips the soldering will be easy!

Rosie dancing


Office freshen

Some new wallpaper and carpet tiles :)

Evening chill

So red wine and a fire to combat it :)

Data security

Hard drive disposal with sledge hammer :)


Frankie and Bennies