120fps Water rocket

Sorry it's not quite all of it, but Emma found doing a video too hard. Probably my fault for telling her to stand behind it to record the flight path (ended up with five minutes of here shoes... wet... upside-down!)


With the rising cost of everything, we are looking for ways to save money. One of there is to lose our secondary cable box and replace with freesat tv. I got the dish/receiver etc. off ebay for the run of £38. All up and running in a couple of hours :)

Video direct from my mobile

I've been trying to figure out how this works, and now it works! This video was taken a while back testing the phones 120fps ability. E.G. Slow motion.. Hopefully will add some more videos to my blog for you now, but in the mean time take a look at out other videos (Check the links out for my YouTube channel)

Jumping jet parts

Thanks to a contact on my Robin hood website, I now have got larger pipes for trying my jumping let project. Now I just need some good weather!


Today I clocked up my 250km using my ipod nano nike plus system.

New glasses

My new glasses have arrived. I like them but of course will take a while to get use to them.

Lights, camera, action

As I am working on the electrics on the car, made some sense to put the back lights on. Only trouble is that the fog\reversing lights are no good, so need to buy new ones

Happy fathers day

Been around for a curry as mum and dads. The kids seemed to enjoy the curry, as can be seen by their yellow faces.

Banana blast

Just over one week later the banana tree is blasting in size!

Come back sun

Well here we are, middle of June and summer has once again vanished

Eye eye

Me with contact lenses in. After the accident on saturday with my glasses (Big scratch on one lense), and Boots opticians wanting to charge me huge sums of money, my sister and mum suggested going to Asda. Well I decided to go in and try some contact lenses, which are pretty comfortable. While I had the lenses in, it also seemed a great time to try some glasses on as well! It is so nice to try on glasses and be able to see what you look like! Anyway two new pairs of glasses ordered and still over £100 cheaper than Boots. Also a big thumbs up to the staff at the Farnborough branch, they couldn't of been any more helpful, even if they tried.

Party for my sister and reuben

And the Bouncy castle is a hit as usual

What a day

My server was hacked last night giving me little sleep. Then I managed to scratch my glasses on my kit car. At least I it a few jobs done on it, and even managed to give the kids a little drive in her.

Rosie the camel

Found this for £6 in woolies. Doesn't she lol cute!

Banana tree

My original banana tree that I had planted last year, had a bad start this year. In fact we had given up and put it in this pot just in case. It now looks as though the main stem has died an a new shoot, shot up. Woo Hoo!

Burger king

Sorry about no pics from the party yesterday, but was just manic! Finished the party at 1am so today is a lazy day for us