Christmas children's mass

Poppy not in it thus year due to illness :(


Don't think it will come to much, but first snow of this winter

Xmas bake off test

For work tomorrow, don't forget guys (and girls) also Xmas jumpers tomorrow


Even the frost has frost on it!

The means Xmas lights

Look pretty nice, and Rosie got to meat the eagle love crew

Lot of roots

Still lots to go :(

At the cinema

For Madagascar 3d

New belt

Need to cut it down to size though, bit large

Tv inspection

Found a couple of blown capacitors hopefully maplin will have something I can replace them with... Then hopefully tv fixed!

Working hard

Watching England play bad, while running a compare test on tapewise, watching comments on facebook.... And playing a bit of Diablo

First day at secondary school

Bit nervous but also looking forward to it

Michelle being scary

After another yummy BBQ

The needles

On the isle of weight as taken from the mainland

Awesome tent light

My awesome cheap led tent light :-) running of a 12v transformer

Lovely afternoon

Not what was forecast, however sure it will change. Awesome breeze as well, wish there was a bit more space here for my kite

At hayling island

Poppy and her friend on one of the rides