Josh hair cut

Almost looks like q different person, can't get used to his new short hair.... but he never brushed it when it was long and always messy

View from the conference room

where I am eating lunch during my interview. Toys'r'us is just behind the fire station

Wagamama preview

Popped over to Camberley for a free Meal at the opening of wagamama

Garden done

Been gardening just finished and it started to rain! Bad news is that we have another mole, so traps set. Maybe I should collect them for a mole skin coat for Emma as an Christmas present

Spec is moulting

Not the best time if the year for her to moult, silly bird! Quite funny watching her run though as a stream of feathers follows her. Might have to knit her a jumper if it gets any colder.

Banana madness

This banana tree had all but died 2 years ago. Today   it has been bought back in after another summer outside. And now there is three of them, really they need to go in a bigger pot, and could well be left out again next winter (but covered)

Kite boarding

Got to try out the board today. Didn't go far but didn't get hurt either