Ghost trap

Part of my costume for tomorrow not a perfect copy, but good enough


Been making some improvements to my costume today

Pantomime time

A surprise present from Emma to the family

1000km on nike

Today I managed to log my 1000km for jogging with my Nike plus tracking system

Warm fire

After watching the kids doing their Christmas performance, collected them to come home and it started to snow. So we have at last lit the fire and decorated the tree. Now just the rest of the house to go

Happy birthday mum

Enjoy the cake and have a great day

Forest in our lounge

Emma chose it and wouldn't let go! About 2" short of the ceiling, but smells great!

Fish tank

Starting to look half decent

Church xmas sale

Hopefully will sell Poppy but probably not!

New fish

Slowly we are building the stock back up in the tank. Also got some more bog wood which looks really good.

Power cuts

Been a while since we have had any power issues. But we had one yesterday (which caused me Pc problems) and again to night we are having more :)

Getting ready to party

Got lights and smoke now

First frost

So winter is officially here at Emma has had to scrape the bbq this am