Done 10 today now off for a drink!

Smax centre console repair

Her strong springs held by 0.5mm plastic.. Plastic lost so adding some ally replacements to fix it


Kids out for some fresh air

Evening outside

Just had a lovely BBQ, now staying warm to bat watch Nd meteor watch before sleeping in the tent tonight

Tent test

Not had it out for a couple of years so giving it an airing before hols

Grrrr puncture

Very slow one, but flat now do glad I found out before tomorrow morning!

Getting there

Really need the plastic screen!

At fleet pond

Half way on our run, 4km done! Going to push Josh's legs today

Need screen to diffuse

And software time now, the geeky part ;)


Day off at the monkey Puzzle ;)

Building a frame

For the pixel pi cube

Lights out

100 years since we declared war :(