Worlds largest noughts and crosses

Well almost anyway. But whilst washing up, I looked up at the sky and thought how amazing this looked. Was not able to connect to post last night so :)

Shower work

Wig a new shower purchased, we are now keen to finish the shower area. We have a plan at last, and first thing was to finish the tiling.

Bargain shower unit

Our ensuite has been lacking a shower since completion. We spotted this one at a car boot sale and managed to get it for £15. Probably not what we would of chosen by choice, but cheap enough to make up happy.

Manged a 10KM run today!

Phone won't post a plog today (although it's only another pic of me), so I'm writing this direct in to my blog. But I managed a new distance record of just over 10KM today in 55 mins 31 secs so rather pleased at that!

I'm also on the verge of releasing our new Tape application "Tools'4'Tape" at and have got another idea for a website that I will be doing with my friend Alex (watch this space!).

Happy birthday Emma

After a long days shopping a good meal to finish

It is too much

Jon decides this one is too much

Thank you freecycle

Thanks to Sunny on my local freecycle Josh has now got a bike that is a much better size for him (if anything too big)

Drowned rat

Well it had to happen! Started my log and it looked ok, but then .5km into it, it started to pour. Thankfully it stopped pretty much till I had done another km! So here I am now drenched.

Powerkite flying video

To add to the photos, here is a short vid (all done on the phone, so sorry about the quality)

Powerkite flying

Me flying my kite on a very windy day. This is my second new power kite I bought, 2.25x0.75cm with 220lb line