Emma kiting

Bank holiday Monday afternoon and we have come over to fly some Kites

Good luck Si

Turning around  and letting Si continue on.

Simons run

Following si on his 21m run

New door

Still needs some adjustment but the new door is now in and sealed. On top of that, we have a new doorbell with colour camera and voice which we got for 25 in b&q

New address

My blog has moved to a new address of http://blog.matmoo.com oh yea my own domain

Hope it stays like this

For packing up, as everything is nice and dry

Ice cream

But only when I am frightened. Rosie enjoying agrees after eating a reasonable meal

Still sleeping

Almost 12 hours later and little Rosie is still asleep

Rainbow Rosie

Just noticed this from the campsite

Enjoying the sun

Down at seaton after being bored at a donkey sanctuary

Desperate times

Day 6 in the tent and food is getting scarce. As such we have decided to eat the kids toys, starting with a yummy owl

As the auzzies say

Put another shrimp on the barbie

Kite surfing

Quite a few kite surfers

Typical summer

In the beach wrapped up in winter gear and it's raining


At cafe Augier. Bacon and egg sarnies for brekky

Emma getting naked

Ad she runs down (on her own) to the beach

Lovely evening

Just had a meal at the campsite restaurant and now about to head back to the tent

Happy birthday Poppy

Hard to believe, but already 11 years old