Xbox fun

Playing some games with my brother

The advent calendar is full

It may not be chocolate but the kids and us love filling the pockets every day

Children's Christmas mass

Getting ready

At the pantomime

Nearly.didn't make it as Rosie has not been to good

Christmas candle

Need to burn off a couple of days to catch up

Christmas at Purple

1st of Dec and the tree is going up

Bonfire night

Surprisingly not raining so having a small fire with hot dogs and fireworks

Psu issue

This pc has been going on and on and on, even surviving a capacitor replacement exercise. Turning it on this week has been a bit tempremental and today refuses to do anything. Luckily I had an older spare Psu in the cupboard and after some poking around it now works again. The only issue now is that the drives are SATA and all the power connectors are old style molex ones...

Gone for a walk

Looking for large pine cones to burn

First frost

At least it's the first I've seen

Pain in the neck

Beloved it or not, this was harder than the one on the stairs!

Wall art

The finishing touches to the hallway

Virginity lost

Marcus has at last lit his bbq!

Ripping up the road

New road being laid, old surface being removed

Look Emma is working

No time to help with the cleaning part, but time enough to paint!


The hallway, so stuck up a ladder on the stairs

Bridge to the sea

Should've thought of it earlier. As for Joshua, I've seen more muscles on a twiglet

Chilling out

Seen seals in the sea this am, nice lunch, and now another stroll

Hampster boy

But because of the wind, he can't get to the other side

Getting the kids to work

But we are just going around in circles

Food on the sea front

Including a mega multi flavor slushie

Happy birthday Poppy

Up at 6am the muppet, for her 12th birthday, eekk

Furniture painted

Managed to get a coat of paint on my furniture at last!

From the garden

Potatoes, peas, carrots and courgets... not the chickens though

Gone for a walk

In the normal British summer weather, e.g 18c and raining


First lot of potatoes (2nd earlies) and some peas, more carrots to come


About time! And the kids are loving it

My toilets

Moo loos


Oh I see lots of famous landmarks

On the Thames

For a lunchtime cruise with my better half


After a nice bbq, we are lounging aroud outside by the fire