Blackberry card

Never fails to make me laugh


At least we still have the F1!

Kids in the pool

Lots of fun in the heat

Happy anniversary

Mum and dad 40th wedding anniversary party. Cake by Joe

First Chocfetti order

The perfect chocolate favour, for any party or wedding. Your photos and message on scrummy chocolate hearts or kisses

First peas

Due to cats and the weather the veg this year is not as good as normal. But my first peas are now visible though

Strange light

After seeing this really bright light up in the sky for a while. I used the sky map I have in the phone, and discovered it was Venus, cool :)

New screen

Just a tad larger than the old one :)

England man

Adam going for it ;)

Ready for kick off

For the England game tonight, few friends, few beers, lots of noise

Tadpoles emerge

The first of Joshua's tadpoles are starting to emerge now

Hmmm beer

Not sure it's enough though

Padstow bay

Last day of the hols, heading home tomorrow

Ice cream

After a fab dinner the kids got some scrummy ice cream

Jellyfish fields

The kids caught these, now we are looking foe spongebob

Still having fun

On the carts now

At the farm

Bought the kids to a farm this morning very windy!

Joe drinks

Having a couple of drinks with my Bro who is getting married on Friday