Day out at Birldworld


Today Rosie had her Pre-school trip to Birdworld. She had a great day as can be attained by the fact she just about fell asleep on the way home :)

Croc hunter

Yea we tackled that croc in to submission

In the pool

Rosie and my first time in this pool

Fixing rear brakes

The rear brakes on my 2000 (w reg) espace have been making some bad noises. On closer exception one pad is completely worn out and the second pad is ok.


Cropped our first lot of pots today. Mostly small ones as these where the Runts that where thrown in a large pot

Veg gone mad

Had to re-pot a load today as it's just going nuts. Also have to move the shelf in the greenhouse down as it is all getting so tall

Must be cold

But do they care:-)

Almost there

Kids don't case how cold it is

Filling the pool

Bought this last year, but the neather was so bad that we never did anything with it