3 muppets

Look at them sitting there

Bowling with the family

Kids are off school today so we have come bowling

Farnborough air museum

One of the worlds best aircrafts (in it's time)

Maybe at last!

After issues with 2 lots of different memory, I've finally switched to another brand and so far no errors. Hopefully I can migrate to the new pc soon

Walk in the forest

Found some bullet shells (blanks) although some where live!

Merrick birthday

Ok it's tomorrow but having presents and cake today

Wish there was more wind

Got another chance today to fly the Kites on the ptp scheme. First time I got out the strings got badly tangled, today I can get them to fly buy could do with a bit more wind

Evacuee day

Josh has a slightly unusual school trip today. They will get to see what it feels like to be an evacuee and will be travelling on a train later.