New Nike running shoes

Got latest Pegasus 32s for £43 delivered and 20% top cash back, woot!

Lights done

Including 18m of rgb less around the house, diy be me and Josh

Lots of less

And construction materials for our new less :)

Some monsters around now

That time of the year, biggest I've seen in a while

New Nike Pegasus 29s

Yea exact replacement of my old running shoes!

Bike ride

Around the air field, was hoping to see red arrows take off, but not for another 30mins

So close to 650

On one tank! Not bad for a 7 year old car with 130k on the clock

Bit late

Canon 1200d birthday present for Poppy's 16th birthday

Tumble drier bearing

Second time I've replaced this now, hadn't realised it had worn through, subsequently the drum has marks going through it at one point ;(