Rosie ate a whole pizza! The same size as her plate, this is a monumental occasion that I didn't ever think would happen!

Poor girls

Got to keep them covered due to bird flu :(


Enjoyed that

Rolling stoned

Not bad tbh!

Jackie's 50th (not in the photo!) So at the rolling stoned tribute band night

Bye H

Good luck with the new job!

Got wood?

Few palettes for the next project... not going to be fun taking them apart!

So warm

Even my eggs are sweating!

Oh my newt

Found all these whilst taking down a wall. To be moved to a safe place!

Run to the airfield

Lots of plane parked up for next week


Can she work out what to do after pulling out cushions from under the boxes?


Taking down some cable trunking and it pulled the plastered off :(

Ready for the game

Beer, snacks and big screen

So long

Made the table and chairs 14years ago but time for something new!