Bit of a bbq after the golf

Just has a nice 9 holes with my dad, Phil and Colin in aid of help the heroes.

Garden done

Spent the day working in the garden. Now it looks quite reasonable, so time for a beer and bbq

Josh building

His birthday present from his uncle Joe

Club penguin cake

For Joshua's birthday. Emma behind doing the final few bits, joint effort

Happy birthday and happy St.Georges day

Today Joshua is 9 and on top of that it's St Georges day. Woohoo

Bit of practise

Nice to get some air, and practise


Bit of a surpirse but we caught this crayfish in Cove brook, the USA version though that kills our native UK ones due to the fungal disease it can carry :(

Spot of fishing

Out the back with the kids, Eudora has wet feet already

2nd bbq

Another fantastic day, and Emma has cooked a fab bbq'd with salad and potatoes

Kids golfing

Managed to get a couple of cheap clubs for the clubs, so before the garden gets ruined we come out the back

Lotr swords

Just for the Twitter peeped

Office still messy

We are getting there, much more room but still a mess

Bit of golf

Although a pretty miserable effort from the both of us

Out for grub

Come out for dinner with Ken and Michelle

Getting the veg sorted

Such a nice day, we are even in shorts! Emma has been working on the mini greenhouse while I have been digging in compost into the small plot.

The swans

On the lake at Wellington country park

Gone for a picnic

At Wellington Country park. Quite warm today, has spring finally sprung

Bit of kiting

Out with nextdoor having a bit of a fly. Rain and hail so far!