We are at We

Thai\Indian all in one. Very nice, and the most expensive champagne is only 399 a bottle

The garden is complete

And looks great! Most th house has now been cleaned and we are in final preserations for our party.

Happy anniversary

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary! Party tomorow


Think we have enough booze for the party?

Small train

On the way good now, stupid train only has 4 coaches and is just heaving - ekk

Before the start

About to start in 2 mins, but I wrote this in the interval. First half has been just amazing!

Rock on Freddy

At the dominion theatre

Inside the forest

Waiting for our food

Rainforest cafe

Made it to the eating hole.


The London eye is on the other side, will try and get pic

Choo choo

Perfect timing for the train!

Bank holiday Monday, so of course it is raining

We where planning on going to the Donkey derby today :( so instead we are just doing odd jobs

Another busy day in the garden

Weather just about held out today, although the wind did cause some issues. The patio and path have now been weeded, seating had a quick coat of saint, and the chickens got a new perch. We also did a little bit of pruning and tried to tidy the front up a bit, but the bits from the bush we cut where being blown all over the place!

Goodness grout me

My parents have been away on holiday this week. So I popped over and did some work to finish off the bathroom that my dad had been working on.

Jumping jets news

Well at the moment this project is coming to a stand still. The pipes I am using are not wide enough, so although I can create a jump, I can not get it far enough without it losing form.

Work work work

After Saturdays late night, I've been a tad tired all week so far. Currently I am adding licensing to my Tapewise application.

Testing the new pool

Had a trial fit of the new pool today. What struck up most is how much bigger this one looks. However it is the same size as our old one. This one is slightly deeper, but the fact that the walls are vertical means it does give up a lot more swimming space inside. Also the kids will have to use the ladder to get in and out now, unlike the old one where they just got in and out anywhere.

Hovering the grass

As you do... Well actually there is a load of polystrene all over the place, this seemed the simplist way of getting it all up!

Oh yea

Might of had a few drinks!

The wife and Sharon

Suppose I had better post a pic of our better halves as well

Me and my best friend

Ball today, and here I am with the bow tie that took an age to learn! Also here with my best friend Marcus!

Little guitar hero

Rosie having a cash at guitar hero on the xbox 360. Not the best but she is enjoying it!

Bow tie!

At last, I think I have worked out how to tie the bow tie!

The last solar lights

The last of our solar lights arrived today, and have now been wrapped around our palm tree! The garden is looking fantastic now, almost ready for our party on the 30th

Lazy chicken

This is spec, our largest chicken. 13:20 and still in bed! Well actually she normally lays during the day, unlike the other two who law first thing.


The whole nation has gone bbq mad in this got weather, including us!

Getting worse

Please help us!


So it begins!

Party time

Around at my best mates having a few beers and a bbq!

Water jet test

The kids love it and after drilling a new lie with a smaller hole, the jet is about perfect.

Water fun

Too hot to work hard work today :), so I have been doing easy things like painting :) I have also been trying to work out some jumping jets, which will go over this seating area (I hope)

Veggy patch

Yesterday at long last our vegetable patch got planted. Although the potatoes have been in a while, the rest of the veg has bed some what lacking. We have now gotten in the tomato plants that Rosie grew at school, and some of our lettuce. We have had to cheat a tiny bit this year though as some of our veg got fried in this hyu weather! So we bought a couple of Veggy plants as well.

200km but boy it is warm out

As you can see from the photo I have just got back from my jog. Kind of warm out today though. However after connecting my ipod up to Nike+ online I got a nice little message congratulating me on passing the 200km point. Woot!

In the night garden

Just a quick picture of our arch at night. You can also just about make out the solar led tulips as well. Waiting for some more keep for the palm used now :-)

Rosie and her cousin

My sister has popped over today for a visit. Rosie is happy to see her cousin Merrick (honest)

Penguin suit arrived

Going to a May Ball in a couple of weeks. Last time I hired a suit, and was not that happy with it! So this time I bought one, and even I an pretty happy with it!

Warm today. Time for a nap

My youngest is having a nap this afternoon. It has been a warm couple of days and she was up early. Wish I had time for a nap now!

Obstacal course

Obstacal course. Today I've Taken the day off gardening to play with the kids! The garden is really looking smart and the list is getting to the point, where I'm pretty confident it will look nice for our 10th Wedding anniversayr on the 30th! My oriignal thoughts for a games day, was because the weather forecast was rubbish... however it's turned out to be a great afternoon and we are all having lots of fun. (I just wish I had a photo of Emma doing the obstacal course!)

Bank holiday weekend - More work in the garden!

Another day me gardening to come. However the end is now near! Today I need to finish laying the turf I got the other week,and maybe look at getting the swimming pool frame up as well. It all depends on the weather! Bank holiday weekend so plenty of time...