My workers

Busy painting the chicken coop

Postage madness

Ordered 3 of these mini digital photo frames from Play, each one came in it's own box, and look at the size!


Just had Alex and co over for a bbq, now we have come out the back to watch a few more

Vulcan bomber

Just the most fantastic and elegant bomber to watch

Poppy leavers assembly

Last day tomorrow then up to big school.

A spot of air

Even though the trees are blowing nicely, there is just not enough wind in this field :(

Red arrows arrive

Here for the Farnborough air show

Summer posing

Emma of course is too cool to swim so she id posing on the garden

Cooling down

Another hot day and the kids are enjoying keeping cool

Got a puncture

Emma got back from the school run and complained at the rear tyre. On further inspection we found a screw on the edge of the tread. Bugger! As the threshing are only 6 months old! Still could of been worse

School sports day

All day today the kids are racing and having fun

Runaway egg

Eggs are not round, to stop them rolling away... someone needs to tell our chickens!