Happy halloween

Well done the pumpkin with the kids, time for a scary movie

Green screen time

He you have not already seen, we have a couple of films we made as a family. Well we have now started our third production and this time we are being a bit different :)

It's snowing

We have had a very mild autumn so far, but shock and horror it is snowing tonight!

Mat-Moo :-) ?

For my Blogging fans (hi Val) you may of noticed that I have changed my name from Mat-d-rat to Mat-Moo. Why? I hear you ask... well after 10 odd years I decided it was time for change :)

the pic is of rosie, who is down in the dumps at the moment with a cold

Clean tank

Been a while, but yesterday my fish tank got a complete clean. Wow it looks so much better

Our new htpc

HTPC home theatre pc. This will eventually become our entertainment hub for films and games. Bought for £130 delivered which was a bit of a bargain! Things to do on this will include replacing the dvd drive with a blue ray drive and them he needed upgrade the cpu and memory

Poppy has got glasses

Poppy has got new glasses just to year when the teacher is working on the white board

Kung fu Josh

Josh has been doing Judo for the last few weeks and really enjoying it. Today he got his outfit for lessons (on loan)