Ghost trap

Part of my costume for tomorrow not a perfect copy, but good enough


Been making some improvements to my costume today

Pantomime time

A surprise present from Emma to the family

1000km on nike

Today I managed to log my 1000km for jogging with my Nike plus tracking system

Warm fire

After watching the kids doing their Christmas performance, collected them to come home and it started to snow. So we have at last lit the fire and decorated the tree. Now just the rest of the house to go

Happy birthday mum

Enjoy the cake and have a great day

Forest in our lounge

Emma chose it and wouldn't let go! About 2" short of the ceiling, but smells great!

Fish tank

Starting to look half decent

Church xmas sale

Hopefully will sell Poppy but probably not!

New fish

Slowly we are building the stock back up in the tank. Also got some more bog wood which looks really good.

Power cuts

Been a while since we have had any power issues. But we had one yesterday (which caused me Pc problems) and again to night we are having more :)

Getting ready to party

Got lights and smoke now

First frost

So winter is officially here at Emma has had to scrape the bbq this am

Fixing disco lights

Got some cool lights for my party but needed to replace the mirror motor in them

Little angel


Where to put?

We have been pondering for a while about where to put our aquarium. So after a minor repair some while back we have decided to try it on the sideboard (Extra supports at the bottom )

Visiting Father Christmas

And one of the first to see him at Farnborough


HaHa, got her

Just waiting

The surround is now in place and we are just waiting for the glue to dry at the bottom left as it was twisted out. Even got the coal bucket in place, which looks fab and was a 10th wedding anniversary present.

More fireplace

We bought a basic basket and some coal today. Also i've now made the inside edge finish out of aluminum. The only issue now is the surround is slightly warped, which is going to make fitting it a pain.

New cabling

Managed (with some help) to get a new hdmi cable in for the projector. Picture looks FAB now, and so much sharper/clearer than on component cables. Guess it is a 10m cable run!

Fire surround

Sanded and varnished almost ready to fit

DDR monkey

She loves a bit of dancing

Bonfire and Fireworks


Had a great time with my sisters and kids, food, fire, fireworks, sparklers, and rockband. No one wanted to go home!

Almost done

Bit of a pagm to but the bottom ones in half, but all done

Fireplace tiling

Kind of a metal stone effect

G15 keyboard complete

How on earth does your keyboard get so dirty! Must of removed a mass of dead skin :) but at least it looks 100% better

G15 led swap

My keyboard has got very dim recently, and some of the led's are dead. So time for a quick led upgrade, and also swap from blue to green

Kite clean

My kite got rather dirty the other day as the field had fresh grass cuttings on it and it was wet :) So today it's been hung out to dry, brushed clean them gently washed down. Not perfect. But a damn site cleaner.


Thanks to a helping hand from Troy yesterday, the plinth is now set in place. Also we have stripped back the plastr so that the inside area can be tiled.

Rosie disco

Today Rosie is off to her first school disco. She is rather excited in case you didn't know!


New printer came with a lot of packaging!

Josh after the op

Not happy but better than he was

Coming soon to Printfetti

Our new Fillerfetti to add additional colour to your table decorations. Check out

New camera

It took it's time to get here, but the Samsung ST550 that I won has arrived.

Moody cow

In her new pj's :) Bit nervous as Josh goes in to hospital tomorrow for a minor operation.

A blog of my blog?

Well I have updated the site at last :)

New rug

Not really just looking after mother in laws dog

Giant coffee

Shopping break yea I get to sit down for 5 mins

Happy birthday

Emma is a whopping 36 today :)

Rosie first day

ok she is only in 1/2 day but it's a start :)

Stealing my clothes

Only 4 and already pinching my stuff

Floor finished

The hearth is just in place not set yet