Emma's got a wet bum

Been sown the beach today, but Emma didn't look where she was sitting!

Lightsaber 2

Joshua was so impressed with my lightsaber that he wanted one of his own. Of course it had to be a darth vader one, in red. Should be finished soon

Flipping cats

Keep digging up the vegetable patch, so trying some nails I had lying around which I put in

Danger white legs

When it gets warm we need sunglasses just to avoid the glare from emmas legs

Looks good

Was worried it would be green by now

It's a hard life

Rosie on one of her busy days


Work starts on the new product from Printfetti


Currently using a hair drier to help dry my glue!

Wow that's bright

Wired it up and ready to fit!

Simple led driver

I need to power a 3w led for a project I am working on. This is q simple circuit to give a constant 3.9v out

Italian meal

Out with friends for a meal and drink. I would of taken q pic of my meal, but I scoffed it down

Lots of Printfetti

Wish it happened more often though!

Won a prize

From the golf yesterday, beat the pro on hole #2 and won this